We often want to provide general advice and information that people can use as a basis for effective specific actions.

We use all sorts of software tools for this purpose, but our solutions have been incomplete and clumsy.

Groupsheets were invented to fill this gap.

Typical Scenarios

and Typically Used Tools

Event Participation
How can we get the most out of this workshop?
Mixture of web pages, emails, and social media messages
Group Travel Planning
What should we do on our vacation?
Combination of websites, apps, spreadsheets, emails, and messages
Creating an Artifact
How can we improve our company landing page?
YouTube videos, blogs
Applying Organizational Policies
How should we go about preparing a funding proposal?
Intranet pages and collaboration tools
Choosing Among Products
How can we make a good decision when buying a product of this type?
E-commerce websites, affiliate blogs
Using Complex Products
How can we make a slow-motion recording with this camera?
200+-page manuals as PDF files
Achieving Ambitious Goals
How can we start a successful tech company?
Advice books with printed checklists

Problems With Existing Solutions

and How Groupsheets Solve Them

For All Users

No Support for Collaboration
If I want to work on this with Alice and Charlie, I'll spend half my time exchanging emails and messages with them.
I’ll invite Alice and Charlie to our group. Then we can collaborate entirely within the groupsheets.
No Support for Generative AI
Generative AI could save us a lot of time. But we'd need to use separate apps to generate the texts or images and then paste the results manually into our shared documents.
We can quickly ask ChatGPT or DALL-E to insert relevant content directly into the groupsheet with an indication of how it was generated.
No Ubiquitous Access
While traveling, I won’t be able to deal with this issue, since I won’t have access to the necessary apps.
During my trip, I’ll access the groupsheets on whatever device is most convenient, even when there’s no internet.
Content in Multiple Apps
Switching among several apps prevents me from getting an overview of the relevant content.
Everything we need is at our fingertips in our groupsheets project.

For Users of the Content

Too Much Irrelevant Content
90% of this stuff has no relevance to me! How can I focus on what’s important?
The groupsheet helps us to quickly filter out everything that’s not relevant to what we’re doing right now.
No Specific Solutions
This general advice makes sense; but what am I supposed to do concretely?
Let’s have the groupsheet help us step by step to work out a plan for our specific situation.
No Support for Execution
Now we finally have a plan; but how can we coordinate to get all of the steps done?
In the groupsheets, we can specify who does what when and keep track of our progress.

For Providers of the Content

Need for Skills and Tools
I don't have the resources to create a sophisticated website, a YouTube channel, or whatever.
We’ll just choose a couple of groupsheet templates, adapt them to our needs, and fill in the content.
Unsuitable Representations
I can’t fit my advice and information naturally into a spreadsheet, a wiki, a collaboration tool, ....
Each of our (configured) templates fit its content “like a glove”, making it easy to enter and organize the content.
Problems With Updating the Content
We need to update the content regularly; but that would be bad for those who have already used and personalized the existing content.
Our updates will be propagated to all users without any loss of information on their part.

Availability of Groupsheets

Groupsheets have been deployed in a wide range of scenarios since 2018, in direct collaboration with the groups that use them.

Each group uses a groupsheet project, which comprises several related groupsheets.

Starting in 2023, a groupsheet can be configured to make use of the latest available versions of ChatGPT and DALL-E (see, for example, the preview of COLL-E).

The user interface (menus, etc.) is available in English and German. The content entered by users can be in any language.

To discuss what groupsheets can do for you, please request a discussion via the Contact page.